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The company "National Auto" was founded 2002. After seven years of experience in retail sales of spare parts for Japanese cars, we decided to expand their activities and wholesale.
For all products in our offer we have the exclusive distribution rights for the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Our sales range is designed to meet the broadest needs of our clients.
Thanks to extensive experience in business and spare parts for Japanese vehicles, we have developed such a system to sell to our customers recognize us as their most reliable and cheapest source of supply. This position we have attained through perseverance in providing products and services of the highest quality. We have gained trust of our cusomers. The highest quality products and services, and customer confidence are the basis on which we build our business.
Our prices are very competitive in the market and supply the large number of retail outlets for spare parts, and a significant number of specialist repairers.
Successfully build the image of a leading supplier of spare parts for Japanese and Korean vehicles in Serbia and we have already become recognizable by their efficiency in work and responsibilities in carrying out their duties. In order to maintain that status constantly improve and raise the level of its services through collaboration with our valued clients.
In parallel with the wholesale of spare parts for Japanese cars and develop a retail network of these products by establishing, co-founding, relinquishing the business concept (franchise) and other forms of cooperation with the retail shops and service centers in the country.
On our site you can view a list of products we offer the option of their "on line" Messaging, which we have provided the conditions for an even easier and faster collaboration with customers, because in this way during the delivery of parts required maximum shortening.


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